The Best Mexican Tortillas

Mexican Tortilla Products for Every Industry, Every Consumer, Every Market and Every Budget


From traditional flour and corn Tortillas to gluten free tortillas and organic tortillas, we cater to Every Industry, Every Market and Every Budget.

At Harbar, we produce mexican tortilla products under three different brands that cater to different markets, industries and price points. All of our brands are committed to producing the best mexican tortillas for each of their market needs. Our three brands supply the widest variety of healthy tortilla products in the country. We are sure our full range of choices will provide the exact option you are looking for.

We know having so many options to choose from might be confusing sometimes. That is why one of our experts is always available to talk and to help you find the product that will fit your or your market’s exact need.

Mexican Tortilla Brands


Maria and Ricardo’s is our most premium Tortilla brand. We value real ingredients, using the best, most natural, non-GMO, organic ingredients whenever possible. We have a proud Mexican heritage, sharing a Mexican legacy that sets the stage for continuous inspiration. And, we love exploring new tastes and new food experiences to share with others. María and Ricardo's products comply with the strictest certifications.

Mayan Farms Best Mexican Corn Tortillas

Soft & Delicious Tortillas Baked from Authentic Mayan Tradition

Mayan Farm recipes maintain its authentic Mayan spirit by meeting the most stringent quality standards across its wheat, whole wheat, multigrain and corn flour products. Choose from a variety of soft and delicious flavors of tortillas, all baked to offer a superior taste and performance – no tearing, cracking, splitting or leaking.

Wrappy Food Service Tortilla Brand


Wrappy Tortillas and Wraps are produced with the professional kitchen in mind. Already a staple in many restaurants and food service outlets, Wrappy products boast the ultimate performance for the foodservice industry. Bend them, twist them, fold them and wrap them – these tender and pliable tortillas can hold fillings without cracking or breaking.